Prosysco’s  ASME-certified facilities have the varied ability to fabricate complete process systems and equipment, and feature specialized fabrication and testing areas suitable for highly regulated industries.

Our fully-equipped plants have the following fabrication capabilities:

– Gantry Cranes with 20 ton lifting capacity

– Vessel Fabrication of 15L to >20,000GAL vessels and tanks

– ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication Capabilities

– High Purity Process Piping (up to 10″ in diameter)

– Custom Process Systems  & Equipment. Learn more >




Fabrication Services



All orbital and manual welding is performed by certified welders according to WPS (welding procedure specifications). The quality control team creates Weld Logs, Welding Control and Material Control packages that comply with Prosysco’s standard procedures.


Our highly skilled technicians will polish and buff various pieces of stainless steel equipment including elbows, tanks and fittings in order to obtain a customer-required Ra that is suitable for sanitary use. The polishing process is done in accordance to ASME standards and industry requirements.                                                      



Grinding, brushing, welding, polishing and long-term usage of stainless steel removes the preventive layer of chromium oxide; making it less corrosion resistant. The passivation process replenishes the passive surface by forming  chromium oxide layer, restoring the stainless back to its original chemical composition and leading to its longevity.


Welds our carefully and strictly quality controlled and fully inspected with state of the art borescoping to ensure that our equipment meet or exceed the high standards which we stand by.