At Prosysco, we understand the importance of effective project management and the need for a dedicated point of contact for our clients and stakeholders. That’s why our Project Manager serves as the primary liaison for both technical and project-related matters.

No matter what stage of the project lifecycle Prosysco is appointed in, your assigned Project Manager will lead every project to completion by managing all internal departments and collaborating with any applicable consultants, end-users and sub-contractors, as required.

Our Project Managers provide unwavering support throughout the entire project, overseeing all activities ranging from design and fabrication to equipment installation, systems integration, testing, and delivery. They maintain constant communication with the client, providing regular updates on the project’s progress.

By entrusting your project to our experienced Project Managers, you can be confident that every phase will be meticulously supervised and executed, resulting in successful project completion and client satisfaction.

Did you know?

All of Prosysco’s Project Managers have a background in engineering enabling them to skillfully navigate through the intricacies of your project. With their unique blend of project management and engineering knowledge, our Project Managers bring a holistic approach to project execution, combining technical expertise with efficient project planning and effective execution. 


component and material


The Project Manager assigned to your project will collaborate with Prosysco’s internal departments to ensure compliance with all specifications. They will source/procure components, materials and instrumentation from our trusted OEM partners or following the client’s preferred vendors list. Our procurement process follows a transparent and strict code of conduct.

DELIVERY & Installation


No matter the size or complexity of the equipment, the dedicated Project Manger will coordinate the delivery logistics for specialized equipment handling, ensuring safe delivery and offloading of equipment. 

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