Modular Systems

Modular Systems

Modular skid fabrication methods for process systems places a traditional system design into a self-contained unit. Prosysco’s team of engineers will design a system that is customized for your needs. One advantage a skidded system can bring is portability. A skid can be designed in a frame that can be lifted and moved as a single piece of equipment to any location. The advantages to this approach range from in-house fabrication in our controlled facility to reducing equipment footprints to shorter project timelines.

There are size limitations to modular skids for shipping, however, large complex skids can benefit from modular process design. Multi-skid units can be utilized and built to work together in a modular design, creating a full process systems. This increases shorter completion times and less invasive time in our customers plants.


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From concept to completion, Prosysco’s design-build approach offers a “one-stop shop” solution for our clients and partners who require custom equipment or field installations.