Prosysco’s field installation team facilitates all field-related operations, initiating the seamless transfer of equipment from our facilities to the client’s manufacturing site. This skilled field team, comprising of Project Managers, Engineers, Technicians, and Electricians, expertly rebuilds and integrates the equipment within the facility.

Drawing from our extensive field experience, we not only meet but exceed our clients’ expectations. Prosysco’s field team excels in the following capabilities:

Did you know?

Prosysco’s Technicians are trained in Prosysco’s piping procedures and are experts in installations according to the BPE standards. They will go the extra mile to ensure your piping is strategically placed, not only to perform as needed according to all requirements, but also to look exceptionally appealing and organized. In addition to their process and mechanical installation skills, our Technicians are well versed in interpreting drawings and P&IDs to better support the entire field team.



getting it there


No matter the size or complexity of the equipment, we will arrange domestic or international delivery capable of  specialized equipment handling.

bringing it in


Seamless and efficient offloading process in order to ensure the safe arrival and placement of process equipment.

on-site process piping


Professional on-site process piping installation services ensure efficient and reliable installation of piping systems for industrial applications. Process piping can be field fabricated and installed, or shop fabricated and field erected.

on-site services


We use a passivation technology that creates an even thicker passive layer, which adds to the stainless steel’s longevity.

field operations

Our team of Electricians will work with the rest of Prosysco’s Field Operations team to seamlessly configure electrical wiring placement that surrounds the process piping and equipment.

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