Prosysco possesses extensive industry experience and a team of skilled technicians capable of fabricating custom process equipment. This equipment encompasses vessels, process piping, and modular skids. Our fabrication services include orbital welding, borescoping, derouging, passivation, polishing, as well as the integration of components, instrumentation, and control capabilities. Notably, our fabrication process adheres to the highest standards of quality and complies with industry regulations. You can rely on our certified welders, fitters, and polishers to deliver exceptional craftsmanship.

Prosysco operates facilities certified by ASME, which have diverse capabilities for fabricating comprehensive high purity process systems and equipment. Our facilities also feature specialized areas for fabrication and testing, serving highly regulated industries. 



With over 60,000 sq.ft., Prosysco’s two fully equipped facilities have the varied ability to fabricate complete process systems. 

The first facility stands as a dedicated hub for fabrication, machining, and polishing. On the parallel front, our second facility, designed as an entirely self-contained unit tailored specifically for the fabrication of high-purity piping. Furthermore, this facility functions as a seamless platform for the assembly of integrated process skids, alongside facilitating the conduction of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) activities.

  • Machine Shop
  • Gantry Cranes with 20 ton lifting capacity 
  • Vessel Fabrication of 15L to >20,000GAL, >40’ high
  • ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication Capabilities
  • High Purity Process Piping (up to 10″ in diameter)
  • Polishing and Passivation Areas
  • Orbital Welding Areas for High Purity Tubing
  • Control Panel Fabrication & Electrical Wiring Shop
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Test) Center
  • Staging & Quarantine Areas
  • Fabrication of  high purity process equipment built for highly regulated industries, such as, Pharmaceutical & Biotech.

we design and fabricate

custom equipment for your custom application.

Modular Process Systems
Electrical Instrumentation & Controls
Process Vessels/Tanks
High Purity & Sanitary Process Piping


All orbital and manual welding completed during fabrication of equipment is performed by certified welders according to WPS (Welding Procedure Specifications). In parallel, our Quality Control team creates Weld Logs, Welding Control and Material Control packages that comply with Prosysco’s standard procedures.



Our team of exceptionally skilled Technicians undertakes the task of meticulously polishing and buffing diverse stainless steel components. This includes elbows, tanks, and fittings, all with the sole aim of achieving a customer-specified surface finish, denoted by a requisite Ra value suitable for stringent sanitary applications. The polishing process is done in accordance to ASME standards and conforms to industry requirements.           


Grinding, brushing, welding, polishing and long-term usage of stainless steel removes the preventive layer of chromium oxide; consequently reducing its inherent corrosion-resistant properties. The passivation process replenishes the passive surface by forming  chromium oxide layer, effectively reinstating the stainless steel to its initial chemical composition and bolstering its enduring resistance to corrosion.


Post fabrication, each weld undergoes a meticulous and stringent quality control process, complemented by thorough inspections utilizing state-of-the-art borescoping technology. This exhaustive approach is implemented to guarantee that our equipment not only meets but consistently surpasses the most elevated standards that define our unwavering commitment.

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