Comissioning & Qualification

Commissioning and qualification actively demonstrate the equipment’s operational readiness. Qualification not only reduces overall maintenance but also mitigates the risk of failure.

This stage becomes pivotal in ensuring that the installation, operation, and performance of the process system pass rigorous quality standards. It aligns seamlessly with regulatory expectations, such as ASME requirements. Upon completing all phases, Prosysco will provide comprehensive operator training and maintenance training to empower the client’s team.

Backed by extensive industry experience and technical expertise, our dedicated team ensures the delivery of fully functional and compliant systems. They meticulously oversee the commissioning and qualification process, spanning from document preparation to conducting FAT/SAT testing and executing Installation and Operational Qualification (IQ/OQ).

Commissioning & qualification

Documentation & Testing

Documentation and testing includes:

Commissioning & qualification

Process flow


1. Protocol & Documentation Creation/Approval: Generation of documents, including Testing Protocols and TOP (Turnover Package).

2. FAT (Factory Acceptance Test): In collaboration with the Quality Control team, both teams collectively ensure that the skid is built and functioning according to client’s design specifications prior to shipping.

3. SAT (Site Acceptance Test): Verify that the physical condition of the system/equipment has not been compromised during shipping and, ensure that all the design specifications have been met and are acceptable to the client.

4. IQ (Installation Qualification): Verify that the process system/equipment are installed according to the predetermined specifications and functional requirements.

5. OQ (Operational Qualification): Verify that the process system/equipment and ancillary systems are capable of consistently operating within established limits and tolerances according to the predetermined specifications and functional requirements.

6. Acceptance and Release: Following protocol post-execution approval, final versions of the TOP and documents are released to the client.



Prosysco’s Field Operations team will facilitate the delivery, unloading, install and integration of process equipment at the client’s site. Learn more about our field operations capabilities.

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