Our Facilities

With over 60,000 sq.ft., Prosysco’s two fully equipped facilities have the varied ability to fabricate complete process systems appropriate for highly regulated industries, such as, Pharmaceutical & Biotech.

Prosysco is an ASME certified shop fully equipped to manufacture process vessels and piping systems in-house. 

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Plant 1

Vessel Manufacturing
and Testing Facility
  • Fully equipped fabrication shop with gantry cranes with 20 ton lifting capacity
  • Large Vessel Fabrication Capabilities:
    20,000GAL, >40’ high
  • ASME Pressure Vessel Fabrication Capabilities
  • Dedicated Polishing Areas
  • Passivation Testing Areas for Vessels
  • Machine Shop
  • Staging & Quarantine Areas

Plant 2

Skidded Systems Assembly, Piping Fabrication and Testing Facility
  • Dedicate Orbital Welding for High Purity Tubing
  • Dedicated Control Panel Fabrication & Electrical Wiring Shop
  • Passivation Center
  • FAT Center

HQ 1 & 2

Executive Leadership,
Engineering & Marketing
  • Dedicated to Engineering
  • Board Rooms
  • Collaboration Spaces
  • Marketing