A Guide to finding a Process Vessel Supplier


What to Look for in a Process Vessel or Tank Manufacturer

If you are currently searching for a reliable process vessel supplier, it is crucial to assess factors like their expertise and manufacturing capabilities. This evaluation is essential for making an informed decision that aligns with the specific requirements of your project. Items to explore when assessing potential vendors bidding on your project should include:

Expertise and Experience

Look for a manufacturer with a proven track record of designing and fabricating vessels similar to your project’s application. They should also possess the knowledge and background necessary to meet your specific project requirements and standards, especially if your vessel requires an unconventional approach. Furthermore, in addition to meeting your exact specifications, it’s important that the supplier is dedicated to ensuring top-notch quality and possesses a deep understanding of where to apply regulatory standards, such as CRN certification.

Vessel Customization Capabilities

Every vessel is unique in terms of process, design, material, and function. Seek out a manufacturer that offers customization capabilities, allowing you to tailor-build the vessel to your exact specifications and application.

Facility Capacity and Fabrication Capabilities to produce process vessels

Consider the manufacturer’s production facility. Do they have the manufacturing capacity to accommodate your project’s size? Are there dedicated areas for different fabrication stages, including a self-contained facility for fabricating and FAT (factory acceptance testing) vessels and tanks built for highly regulated industries? Are their facilities ASME-certified? Also, make sure to discuss lead times and production schedules to ensure they can meet your deadlines.

Quality, Compliance, and Certifications

Compliance with industry standards is paramount when it comes to sanitary and high-purity process vessels. Ensure that the manufacturer adheres to the relevant regulatory and safety standards, such as ASME, BPE, CSA, or other applicable standards. Request documentation and certifications to verify their commitment to quality. For instance, ask for their certificates of authorization that they obtained from local regulatory bodies, like Ontario’s TSSA, to ensure your process vessels are built in accordance with stringent regulations. Another important aspect to inquire about is whether the supplier follows compliant traceability practices and provides robust qualification documentation.

Project management and support

A supplier’s project support capabilities can significantly impact the success of your project. Choose a manufacturer that offers comprehensive project management and provides services to support your project where required. Services to look out for include design and engineering, procurement, fabrication, testing, and installation, as well as the ability to facilitate field-related operations.

Custom-Stainless Steel-process-Vessel
Custom-Stainless Steel-process-Vessel

Why Is Prosysco the right process vessel SUPPLIER to partner up with

Prosysco is a Canadian supplier of process equipment, including stainless steel process vessels. These vessels and tanks are engineered and fabricated to suit each individual application and can be formulated for standalone use or for seamless integration with other components like piping, heat exchangers, mixing systems, jackets, and more. Our expertise in process design and fabrication enables us to produce customized tanks and vessels.

Process and Pressure Vessels include:


Certifications and regulations we adhere to

Our vessel designs and builds strictly adhere to the design requirements outlined in ASME SECTION VIII DIV1, as well as the standards set forth by CSA B51 and ASME BPE. Prosysco also carries provincial certificates of authorization from Ontario (TSSA), Nova Scotia, PEI, Manitoba, and Alberta (ABSA). We also design and fabricate our very own CRN-certified manways/tank lids.

Our Experience as a process vessel supplier

Prosysco possesses extensive industry experience and a team of skilled technicians capable of fabricating custom process equipment. We specialize in constructing process vessels, from pressure vessels to aseptic vessels of any scale. Our expertise extends to process piping and modular skids. Our fabrication services include orbital welding, borescoping, derouging, passivation, polishing, as well as the integration of components, instrumentation, and control capabilities. Notably, Prosysco’s fabrication process adheres to the highest standards of quality and complies with industry regulations. You can rely on our certified welders, fitters, and polishers to deliver exceptional craftsmanship.


15000GAL Mix Storage-process-vessels

our fabrication Facilities

With over 60,000 sq. ft., Prosysco’s ASME-certified facilities have diverse capabilities for fabricating comprehensive, high-purity process systems and equipment. Our facilities also feature specialized areas for fabrication and testing, serving highly regulated industries. The first facility stands as a dedicated hub for fabrication, machining, and polishing. On the parallel front, our second facility is designed as an entirely self-contained unit tailored specifically for the fabrication of high-purity piping and the facilitation of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT) activities.

Prosysco’s project management and Support

At Prosysco, we understand the importance of effective project management and the need for a dedicated point of contact for our clients and stakeholders. The dedicated Project Manager serves as the primary liaison for both technical and project-related matters. Our Project Managers provide unwavering support throughout the entire project, overseeing all activities ranging from engineering and fabrication to equipment installation, system integration, testing, and delivery. Our other SME (Subject Matter Experts) include process and mechanical professionals, quality control specialists, commissioning experts, and field operators. 

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